Flexbimec International Srl is a UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 certified Italian multinational company that has been producing equipment and systems for lubricants handling, management and monitoring for 40+ years.
In 1974 it delivered its first production of components for the oleo-dynamic sector as force taking, rapid connections, swivel joints and valves pulls up alongside the traditional activity. Its first product was the air-operated pump that is nowadays renowned as a friendly-user and reliable product. In 1986 it designed and patented the innovative system Motomatic®, an air operated pumping system characterized by a single pneumatic motor to insert to different suction shanks (for grease, oil, antifreeze). In the ’90s, it extended its lubrication equipping range and launched a variety of products, namely waste oil extractors and hose reels. In 1995 it established FLEXBIMEC INTERNATIONAL SRL.

Thanks to the acquired knowledge and careful technical research and marketing activity, it is today a reference for the development of equipment and systems according to the changing needs of the market. It lead the Italian market with 400+ centralized lubrication systems installed.

FLEXBIMEC offers a broad range of reliable and functional products universally recognized: it’s present by now in the most important worldwide markets (>55% of turnover comes from exports) through a well- established dealers network. We are proud of our valuable partners and count with their opinion and valuable feedback. Its most valuable asset is its growing workforce of 26 employees. Thanks to their commitment and effort it has commercial offices in different countries, and a record track of 40+ years experience successfully providing solutions for fluid/fuel metering.


Officine Meccaniche SMA srl a mechanical industry established in 2005, with 17 employees and an annual turnover of 3 M€. It designs and manufactures metal cases, such as components, tanks, reservoirs and metal containers for exhaust oils, and carpentry parts in steel plate and stainless steel. It is equipped with all the equipment needed for the project, including machine CAD design, laser cutting, welding machines, presses, painting equipment.
SMA has a strong specialization in producing storage containers, handling and collection of drums and IBC deposits and, in general, solution for environmental safeguarding (as reported in the attached SMA catalogue pages).

Main line of production covers:

1) containers in galvanized sheet steel, with different wall thicknesses provided for the use as a lubricants storage containers.

2) storage containers for drums and tanks: heat insulated containers provided for the use as a lubricants storage containers.

Officine Meccaniche SMA has not set up a webpage as a marketing tool. Its name is established and well­known and its clients portfolio has been constantly expanding, as shown by the annual revenues and turnover figures, so the marketing strategy is not based on a proprietary web-page.
Within the LIFE De-BAY project, Officine Meccaniche SMA srl will be responsible of the adaptability of existing components for fluids recovery in action Bl, in particular it will develop fuel tanks, metal racks, grids, special reels and all the steel components of the LIFE De-Bay island.