• LIFE De-Bay

    Equipped island for the management of materials and components for end of life vehicles

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Thanks to LIFE De-BAY dismantlers will be able to depollute ELV in one fourth of the time which is now required, and in much safer conditions for operators.


The LIFE De-BAY project’s objective is to lower the environmental impact of ELVs by developing more efficient recovery systems and techniques for small
and medium-sized dismantlers. This technology will be validated and demonstrated within fully-equipped and integrated “depollution islands” at two pilot dismantling sites.

  • Environmental impact

    lower the environmental impact of ELVs through the increased recovery of ELV liquids and materials

  • Efficient Dismantling

    enabling the recovery of larger amounts of vehicle materials and components (e.g. plastics, glass and filters) and up to 99% of all ELV fluids by weight, in a much faster and more efficient way than is possible using current tools and systems.

  • Recovery of resources

    in fact, the project will also feed into the Roadmap for a Resource Efficient Europe

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